Interior Painting : The Home of Your Dreams

Give your home a makeover with our residential home painting services by our skilled craftsmen. Quality Finishes Painting has been professionally painting homes in the New York area for over 2 years. We are reliable, professional, and more than just your average painting contractors - we are artisans that focus on details. We turn your place into your dream home. We help you find a perfect color making your place your dream home. With our superior exterior home painting services, we will make your neighbors envy you. Quality Finishes Painting believes in a full interior painting service that guarantees the quality of your home's new look. We make your home feel more lively than it is now.

Commercial Painting : A Perfect Store Painting

Painting play an indirect role on attracting new customers. You, a Business Owner must make a good first impression with your paints. We, Quality Finishes Painting are here to help you make a great first impression. Quality Finishes Painting is one of the most qualified commercial painting contractors in the country. We help design the walls of Resturants, Stores so that your business looks more professional and authentic than other businesses around you. Let us help grow your business.

Office Painting : A Productive Work Environment

If you think your offices could benefit from new paintwork, you will need to hire the right company for the job. Not all painting contractors understand the factors that impact how people feel in any particular environment. The psychology of color is incredibly important when it comes to office workspaces. You should take the time to find a painting company that can expand on your vision for your offices without sacrificing positive aesthetics for personal taste. If the contractor you choose is unable to provide expert guidance on color schemes, you are potentially jeopardizing your business by creating a working environment that is unwelcoming or non-conducive to productivity.